Welcome Proven Winners blogger, Jeanine Standard!

Welcome Proven Winners blogger, Jeanine Standard!

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I’ve asked Proven Winners to add some information about their company and products to our blog. Jeanine Standard has graciously written this piece. Thank you!

I want to start off by saying I am the least plant knowledgeable of our staff here at Proven Winners, but that hasn’t stopped me from becoming a plant geek over the years. Each spring I start to plan way ahead—what combinations do I want in my window boxes? What plants to put in my ‘dirt spot’ out front? Every year I try to change it up a bit, and try some of our new varieties. This spring it’s hard to choose because we had a stellar list of new varieties that we introduced to the industry in spring of 2015.

Wow, that feels like a long time ago—but that’s how long it takes to get our process moving…to get mother plants grown for plant tissue in a production facility in Costa Rica, to produce plant tags, to trial the new plants in dozens of university trials across North America and to introduce the plants to all of you, our customers! In addition to handling our public relations and advertising, I do oversee our social media channels too. And I love doing this. I love the interaction with gardeners—and the numbers tell me which plants might be more popular than others comes spring.

So here’s a few new babies I think you might like to try:

Superbells® Holy Moly!™ Calibrachoa—we had to put an exclamation point on this plant name because there is not a bloom pattern on the market anything like this.

Dahlightful™ Sultry Scarlet Dahlia—because I am a sucker for dahlias—one plant will reach 3 feet in height, and that’s a lot of plant for the money! And I love how the dark foliage highlights the blooms.

Summerific® ‘Perfect Storm’ Hibiscus—this is a more compact form of its predecessors, with huge 8” blooms appearing in late summer to early fall. This is a time of year that it is really fun to see something new in your garden. This perennial is hardy to zone 4 too.

Little Quick Fire® Hydrangea—just when you thought you didn’t have room for one more shrub, along comes this 3-5’ beauty. The white flowers quickly age to pink, hardy to zone 3.

Click here to see all of our new 2016 varieties, and while you are there poke around and watch a few of our videos, and look through our gardening DIY’s. Let us know what plants you try this spring, and what you think of them—good and bad, because that is the only way we can learn. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram and comments are truly welcome. Happy Spring to all of you!

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