Spring has Sprung! Are You Contained?

Spring has Sprung! Are You Contained?

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Are you ready to get outside and add some colorful planters to your home? A new spring is just about to start, so it’s a great time to begin!

If you already have some planters, you might want to start with Spring pots now! Follow our blog (enter your email —>) to get a link to download our FREE booklet on spring container ideas!

If you are new to container gardening, you’ll want to start by getting a couple of planters by your front door. I like to use concrete planters by the front door, so I can have them planted all year. Concrete can stay outside all year in freezing temperatures AND are heavy enough that they won’t get blown away. In Kansas, we have to worry about both of those issues!

Have the planters stained in a color that goes with your home. You can either match it to the body of the house or to a contrasting trim color. I like both options. It’s whatever you prefer!

The idea is to create a focal point…Invite your guests and show them the way to find your entryway! It’s okay of you don’t have room for 2 planters…One grand planter works just great too!

What’s next? a) Prepare your planter with potting mix b) Determine¬† your sun exposure and c) Get shopping! Gosh, we could write a book on these topics…WAIT!¬† WE DID JUST THAT!!!

In fact, we have 2 books that will help you learn the best ways to plant container gardens: Summer Fun with Container Creations and Container Creations’ 3-6-9 Container Design. Both of these books were written to make container gardening simple and make you successful! They’re easy to follow with lots of pictures! You can get either of them on Amazon.com. Better yet, you can get them with free shipping on our website!¬†

Save time and money by following our method! Create beautiful planters that look like a professional planted them…Then follow our blog over the season to keep your planters looking great until fall!

Learn Create Enjoy!!!


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