Plant Talk – Angelonia

Plant Talk – Angelonia

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Thought I would take a moment and write another “Plant Talk” for you since we’re in the middle of winter! What better time to learn about the different plants you can use in your pots once summer gets here! This one is on Angelonia, a fabulous summer flower!

Angelonia, aka Summer Snapdragon, is one of those flowers that you should use in your containers if you have lots of sun and don’t like to water. And even better, no deadheading is required! It comes in a few different shades of purple, pink and white. It also comes in a few different varieties with very different forms, so it’s very versatile. It’s important that you know about the varieties because the flowers look the same and are usually placed next to each other in the nurseries.

Angelface – This variety is a tall, fairly narrow variety. It grows about 18″ tall and is only about 6″ around.

Archangel – This variety is shorter and broader than the Angelface. It grows about 12″ tall and 10″ around.

Serena – This variety is wide and bushy. It grows about 12″ tall and 14″ wide.

AngelMist – This variety is a spreader. it grows only a few inches tall and about 8″ wide.

Here are some examples of how we’ve used them…

‘Archangel’ used here as a nice ‘filler’ with 2 colors of Lantana.
‘Angelface’ was used here as a “thriller” in a small combination. Notice how it gently falls at the side.















Angelonia ‘AngelMist’ was tucked in between some geraniums…another flower that doesn’t need much water.
Here’s an example of ‘Serena’ that I found on Pinterest that combines all the colors into 1 planter.













Angelonia are truly summer-loving plants, so if you shop too early for your planters, you may not see them. Even if the stores do have them in stock, they don’t start blooming until the heat gets here.

In addition to not requiring dead-heading or too much water, they are also pest and disease free. We LOVE flowers like these and you will too!




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