A Long Fall…How to Enjoy those Summer and Fall Planters a Little Longer!

A Long Fall…How to Enjoy those Summer and Fall Planters a Little Longer!

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Our planters LOVE fall! The cooler temperatures, lower humidity, and fewer pests create a nice environment for them to thrive. The colors of the flowers are more vivid this time of year and just look…well…happy!

While some of us here in Kansas City may have experienced a very light frost, most of us still have time to enjoy the summer planters. Some flowers that really love summer, such as Angelonia, Zinnias and Periwinkle may be finished, but most of them can stay around a few more weeks while you take care of your fall garden chores…or at least until a real frost gets here. While we are finished spraying these pots, we do continue to lightly trim, deadhead and pick out any leaves that have fallen into them.

The fall planters are much less work, but we still like to spend some time on them too. Here are some tips to keep them looking good:

  • Deadhead pansies and mums. Pansies will continue to bloom without deadheading, but they will look better with the spent blooms removed. Mums that appear to be finished blooming can be deadheaded as well. There is usually another layer of buds that, if given sunlight and warm temperatures, will extend the bloom period. Even if you don’t get more blooms, the pots will look so much better if you do this.

Mum before deadheading…


Mum after deadheading…

  • Pick off cabbage worms. Do you see something eating your cabbages? Look closely because cabbage worms are a common culprit. While you can spray for these caterpillars, it’s just as easy to pick them off. You need to do it as soon as you start seeing the damage because they will devour your cabbages quickly. After you pick off what you can see, check back every couple of days to make sure you didn’t miss any.

Damage on Kale


Cabbage Worm


  • Keep them watered. Check the soil every few days and water when it’s dry. Do not water unless they need it!
  • Watch for rotting pumpkins! Throw them out as soon as you see a soft spot!

Fall is a short season for us, but oh so nice! Enjoy it!

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