How to Keep Your Plants Alive in this Heat!

How to Keep Your Plants Alive in this Heat!

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Yes, that’s what many of us are facing right now! Extreme temperatures are not good for our plants, so we are in survival mode!

The MOST important thing for you to do right now is to water…CORRECTLY! DO NOT water just because you are hot! Plants can wilt even if they don’t need water. Sometimes it’s just too darn hot! If you water when they don’t actually need water, you can smother the roots and kill the plants. So before you water, be sure to stick you finger into the soil.

I check every other day when the temps are over 90, and every 3rd day when it’s in the 80’s. I know many people say they have to water more often than that. This is when your choice of potting mix makes a difference. If you didn’t use FRESH, high-quality potting mix when you planted, you may be stuck watering more often!yellow leaves

Be sure to keep deadheading your plants throughout the summer and remove any fallen leaves or spent flower petals. These can turn to mush and rot other parts of the plant. Yellow leaves are a sign of stress and are not usually a problem. They can mean that you are over-watering, but may just be a reaction to the heat. Just pick them off and the plant should put out a new one.

Stress can weaken your plants, so it’s important to keep an eye on them. Pests, like spider mites and white flies like to attack the plants when they’re under stress, so they will probably show up soon. Spider mites will show little white specks on the leaves of your plants…if you suspect you may have a problem, read about them Here! I haven’t really seen too many problems yet! 🙂

20160704_145054How often do your plants need your attention? Every couple of weeks is often enough, but you can do a little at a time if that works better for you. I like to sit out on my deck in the evenings, so I keep my bucket and clippers handy and do a little at a time…with a glass of wine and some music, of course! This way it does not seem like a chore, but rather something light to do while I’m relaxing.

Enjoy your summer planters!


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