We’re Here to Help You!!! See What’s New!

We’re Here to Help You!!! See What’s New!

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The warm weather is finally upon us and we should be able to plant our summer pots very soon! To help you in your quest to make beautiful planters for yourself, we have some fun, new things to announce.

First, We have published a booklet “Summer Fun with Container Creations”!

The booklet is a simple, yet complete guide to container gardening! It covers everything from planter selection and placement ideas, to determining sun exposure so you get the right plants, to planter layouts and planting tips, to basic care for the plants. It includes lots of color illustrations throughout the booklet to provide visual explanations. It’s a handy resource for anyone who is interested in container gardening! The book is available in our store or on Amazon.com.

Second, We are offering classes at our Overland Park location on April 30th!

The class will be a demonstration class that will teach you how to shop for plants that will work together in a planter. We will select plants together and then plant a planter from scratch, showing you exactly how we do it…Our method has been proven to be what works best. Plant it right now and save yourself some work down the road! We have some design strategies to share with you as well!!!

For now, there are 3 scheduled times…9:30, 12:30, and 3:30, and each class should last about an hour. More times may be added, as class sizes are limited.

The cost is $30 per person and that includes our book! Light refreshments will be served.

The Overland Park Farmer’s Market will also be open, so come and have yourself a fun-filled day!

Third, We have put together a “Planters and Pinot” Container Gardening Kit!

Our Kit includes all of our favorite tools that will help you create and maintain your own beautiful containers.

It includes:

  • Our Booklet…Summer Fun with Container Creations
  • Signature Handled Bucket…A handy way to gather your spent flower clippings
  • Disposable Gloves…Nitrile gloves keep your hands much cleaner than regular gardening gloves
  • Clippers…Nice small, sharp clippers that are perfect for deadheading and trimming your flowers and plants
  • Osmocote…slow-released fertilizer that your plants will love!
  • Hand-Painted Wine Glass/Water Goblet…Grab a glass of wine or tea to enjoy your work!

We want you to be successful, and we are here to help! To sign up for one of our classes or to purchase our book or kit, please visit our store!

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Another Plant Talk is Coming Shortly…Learn, Create and Enjoy!!!

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