Don’t Rush! There’s Plenty of Time to Plant for Summer!

Don’t Rush! There’s Plenty of Time to Plant for Summer!

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I know…There’s this crazy urge to get out and grab some plants before everyone else takes them! The truth is that good nurseries will keep bringing in some wonderful plants for you for several more weeks. In fact, we don’t usually get out to plant until after Mother’s Day here in Kansas City. Remember that a couple of years ago, there was actually snow on the ground up until Mother’s Day!

While you can go ahead and do it now, the plants are tiny so you’ll want to buy more than you actually need to fill your pots. If you don’t know your plants well, it can be difficult to imagine how the plants will look together after they start to grow! We planted a home for an event last week and it certainly wasn’t impressive enough to take a picture.

I think the best time to plant is mid to late May. You can use the next few weeks to get your planters ready to plant and then spend some time looking through pictures to get inspired!

Did you know that we have an fun tool on our website that will show you over 400 pictures? We call it our Creations Finder App and you can use it for free. It’s a random selection of our creations based on a few interactive questions answered by you! You enter the sun exposure and the size of your planter and it finds a combination for you! Here’s a link to it:

Creations Finder App

We are also very excited to let you know that we have published another book, “Container Creation’s 3-6-9 Container Design“. This book will help you select plants to make a beautiful combination planter. And you don’t even have to know about plants! We give you a list of critical plants and then a method for picking some others that you like to go with it. It’s fun and easy! The book is available on and here’s a link to it!:

3-6-9 Container Design Book

Our classes have started! We’re teaching container gardening basics and soon will post a class on succulent planters. Other fun classes are in the works! Save this link as a bookmark so you can see what’s going on:


We love what we do and are continually trying to inspire and teach you so you can enjoy it too! Thank you for being on our mailing list! Please feel free to post questions here or on our Facebook page so we can share our knowledge and passion!

Learn, Create and Enjoy!


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