Plant Talk – Geraniums

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So many plants…Hmmm…think I should cover geraniums! When I mention geraniums to people, I get a couple of responses…either 1) Mine stop blooming when it gets hot or 2) Ewww…what about those worms?And some people just don’t like them..Maybe it’s … Read More

Plant Talk – Coleus

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I’ve decided to start a little series on my blog where I talk about the various plants that you may want to use in your pots. I was just talking to someone last week and they wanted to know some … Read More

Why We Love a Cold, Wet Winter

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It’s a love/hate relationship, most definitely! Snow and ice, hibernating landscapes, and being stuck inside for a few months! We have the holidays to occupy our time until January, but then what? I actually like this time of year. It … Read More

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