Plant Talk – Plectranthus

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Bet you’re wondering what this plant is! Well, it’s a Plectranthus…pronounced just like it looks…plek-TRAN-thus. Keep reading to see which one it is and to be inspired to use these versatile plants! There are some 350 plants in this genus … Read More

Spring Planters!

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Spring is here and it’s time to plants some beautiful spring color at your front door! Spring planting is similar to fall planting in that there are limited selections of plants that do well in the cool weather and can … Read More

Plant Talk – Geraniums

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So many plants…Hmmm…think I should cover geraniums! When I mention geraniums to people, I get a couple of responses…either 1) Mine stop blooming when it gets hot or 2) Ewww…what about those worms?And some people just don’t like them..Maybe it’s … Read More

Plant Talk – Coleus

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I’ve decided to start a little series on my blog where I talk about the various plants that you may want to use in your pots. I was just talking to someone last week and they wanted to know some … Read More

Why We Love a Cold, Wet Winter

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It’s a love/hate relationship, most definitely! Snow and ice, hibernating landscapes, and being stuck inside for a few months! We have the holidays to occupy our time until January, but then what? I actually like this time of year. It … Read More

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